The Strategy Guide is envisioned as a repository of thoughts, ideas, research, and anecdotes related to all manner of games. Namely, this project’s origins are in documenting strategies related to Fantasy Baseball, based on the author’s idea that Fantasy Baseball is better played when thought of purely as a game and less as a sport–that is, focusing more on the “fantasy” and less on the “baseball.” While Fantasy Baseball dominates all too much of my free time, I fully expect that just about any other topic could be filtered through the framework of this blog with some careful self-selecting on the part of myself the author.

As topics, themes, and greater clarity arise this about section should ultimately function as a handy index to the contents of this blog. At present, however, consider this just another formless void living on wordpress’s infrastructure.

For reference, the author in question is Tyler Baber, who lives and works in Philadelphia, PA and outside of blogging here tweets substantially as @tylersnotes