In pt I of my mock draft series for 2013 I outlined best practices for successful mock draft planning and thinking. I’ll be participating in multiple mock drafts this off season to put these ideas to the test as I plan for various leagues. In this short post I outline the rules and goals I’ll be using in all mock drafts

  1. pick one list/strategy and stick as close to it as possible
  2. don’t draft a pitcher before round 4
  3. don’t draft a relief pitcher before round 10
  4. in a 2 catcher mock draft, don’t draft the second catcher before round 20
  5. if possible, target 2 top 15 pitchers (unless this is impossible based on rule 2)
  6. in roto mock drafts, set the goal of finishing at least 3rd in all 5×5 categories except wins and save


If I add or change any of these rules, I will update this post accordingly.